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My name is Jeanette Willighagen.
I have been fascinated by languages and their similarities and differences since childhood. The translation of cultural aspects also forms part of this. The decision to study translation in Belgium was therefore a logical step. I studied at the Thomas More faculty in Antwerp, which forms part of the Catholic University of Leuven (formerly KVH) There I was awarded an MA in Applied Linguistics for Translation from French and Russian to Dutch.

I also lived in Italy for some time and studied at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, where I gained extensive knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

After my studies I started working in international trade, first in the Fisheries Sector for a long time, then in the Agricultural Sector - Livestock Farming in particular - and Retail Business. The working languages were mainly English and German, so I could add those to my portfolio as well.

Yet translation was not the main component of my work and that is where my heart is, so I returned to what I was trained for: translating on the basis of a thorough knowledge of more than just language and culture. In 2010 I started my own company, Tradulation, a combination of the word Traduction and Translation. In 2014 I completed a Foundation Course in Medical Science, so I can support my medical translations with knowledge that goes beyond mere terminology.

My motto in translation is: A clear message can make all the difference.

      Member of the Dutch Association of Interpreters and Translators
      Registered in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and translators under No 4549 (French, Russian)